"Sex, money, and creeps--Good Money Gone is an unforgettable journey through the soft underbelly of a Ponzi scheme. Kilborn and Acevedo are a great tag team. Their crisp prose and deft mix of fact and fiction kept me turning the pages all night long."

Cort McMeel, author of Short and editor of Murdaland.
"Good Money Gone is a fantastically fun read filled with tawdry sex, greed, back-stabbing and, most importantly--MONEY! Loaded with great characters, tension that grows with every turn of the page and more twists and turns than a roller coaster on a ski slope, Richard Kilborn has crafted one terrific financial thriller. Make a smart investment--read Good Money Gone!"

Jeff Shelby, author of Thread of Hope and the Noah Braddock mystery series. 
"A bawdy, rollicking fast paced financial thriller Good Money Gone reads like The Firm meets The Wolf of Wall Street. The hero, Steven McKay, an American naif, gets lucky in his first job out of college working for an investment fund in Panama. Or does he?" 

Norb Vonnegut, author of The Trust, The Gods of Greenwich, and Top Producer.

Panama: a tropical paradise with an anything-goes attitude. Bring your wish list. It's a place to start. Or to start over. Where the best of intentions are dazzled by the glitter of easy money. Steven McKay chases the quick bucks in offshore finance, playing fast and loose with his scruples until he discovers he's merely one cog in a vast Ponzi scheme. Even as his paranoid boss puts the screws to everyone inside the conspiracy, McKay races to save his clients--and his skin--before the rotten machine grinds to a halt under the weight of sleaze, greed, and criminal investigations. He realizes too late that his dream for wealth
and fortune was nothing but
Good Money Gone.

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